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ADN - GNSS Performance Analysis

Key features

  • Analysis and display of navigation data acquired through external receivers
  • Point, trajectory or service volume analysis
  • Supports real-time, replay, analysis and batch modes
  • Supports all GPS, GLONASS, SBAS and GALILEO/GIOVE navigation signals
  • Supports multi-constellations analysis in mono or bi-frequency
  • RTCA MOPS and EUROCAE L5 compliant SBAS analysis
  • Supports lot of graphical objects for display of results
  • CSV compliant textual exports for post-processing
  • Slideshow mode for long term surveys
  • Microsoft Windows native application

SPRING - GNSS Simulations

Key features

  • Implements all ADN features for GNSS analysis
  • Realistics signal propagation models for simulations
  • Powerfull signal propagation simulations in realistic 3D environments based on ray tracing algorithms
  • GNSS receiver simulator for multipath analysis
  • Simulates up to pseudo-range, phase and signal strength measurements
  • Time consuming algorithms run on GPU (NVIDIA CUDA)
  • RINEX outputs
  • Interfaces with NAVYS, the THALES constellation simulator
  • Microsoft Windows native application

RNFE - Navigation Data Editor

Key features :

  • Powerfull editor for GNSS raw navigation data frames
  • Based on an extension of the RINEX B format
  • Compatible with numerous frame formats : GPS L1, GPS CNAV, GLONASS, SBAS, GALILEO F/NAV, GALILEO I/NAV
  • Navigation frame are described in XML notation letting the user define its proper frames
  • Edited frames can be reinjected in ADN and SPRING tool for analysis

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